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We would like to invite everyone interested to Prof. Dr. Jan Recker's public inauguration lecture!


Imagine you are no longer responsible for what your next product looks like. Imagine a world where your current product actively designs your next product.

While this sounds like a chapter from science fiction, it is current reality. Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Hack Rod and also companies like Heineken and Nike have started to use connected, digital products as innovation partners to invent new products.

In this public lecture, Jan will explain how the traditional inventor-centric paradigm of innovation has shifted from genius individuals and “open” crowds to digital objects, how companies need to change to leverage the innovation potential of digital data, and what these changes mean for the future of work.

Speaker Bio

Jan joined the University of Cologne in 2018. In his research he explores the intersection of technology, people and work. He works with particularly large organizations, such as Woolworths, SAP, Hilti, Commonwealth Bank, Lufthansa, Ubisoft, federal and state governments, and with particularly small organizations ("start-ups") in the consumer goods and financial sectors. In his research and teaching he tackles questions such as

• How do startups design their digital ventures?
• How do large organizations deal with digital innovation and transformation?
• How do products and processes change through digitalization?
• How can digital solutions help building a sustainable future?


16.30 – Doors open

16.40 – Welcome address
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Thonemann, WiSo Faculty Dean

16.45 – Inauguration lecture
Prof. Dr. Jan Recker

17.30 – Champagne reception

Registration and Information

To attend the lecture, please register here. Registration deadline is 15 September 2019.

For questions, please contact Birgit Suhrenbrock.